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Top Stories                          By Dimitri Kanellopoulos,
Pick of the Month - (OTE) April 2010
NEW YORK (BuyActive) - Here is my Pick of the Month for April 2010, Hellenic Telecommunication Organization, S.A.(OTE). Yes, it's time to buy another Greek stock. The uncertainties facing Greece have been in the news almost every day for the past couple of months. So much that it has had a negative impact on otherwise profitable companies based here. One that has taken the hit is OTE.
Full Text

Top Stories                          By Dimitri Kanellopoulos,
Pick of the Month - (NBG) March 2010
NEW YORK (BuyActive) - Here is my Pick of the month for March 2010, National Bank of Greece S.A.(NBG). Surprised? So far, my first three picks of the month for the year 2010 are financial institutions  (BAC), (C),  (NBG)  - yes that's right, financial institutions. As I've said before, 2010 is the year we will see the comeback of the financial institutions, which have been severely beaten globally in the past two years. Full Text

Top Stories                          By Dimitri Kanellopoulos,
Greece has great potential
DAVOS, Switzerland (BuyActive) - The problems faced by the Greek economy are not as catastrophic as the world may think. Greece has not asked for help from anybody and I believe they can take care of their problems by themselves. Finance Minister George Papaconstantinou also believes that "Greece will do whatever it takes to bring the deficit down" through cuts in spending and increased revenue. Full Text

Top Stories       
By Dimitri Kanellopoulos,
Barack Obama's State of the Union speech
WASHINGTON (BuyActive) - President Barack Obama declares to continue fighting for the economy, job creation and health care. Full text of President Barack Obama's first State of the Union speech.
Full Text

Top Stories              (C)      By Dimitri Kanellopoulos,
Pick of the Month - Citigroup February 2010
NEW YORK (BuyActive) - Here is my Pick of the month for February 2010, I am giving it to you several weeks in advance because Citigroup will issue its fourth quarter and full-year 2009 results on Tuesday, January 19, 2010. This gives investors a great opportunity to buy the stock at a huge discount, and it may be a once in a life time OPPORTUNITY... Full Text

Top Stories                          By Dimitri Kanellopoulos,
Pick of the Month - BAC January 2010
NEW YORK (BuyActive)- Pick of the Month is not your average newsletter, it is a simple investmennt tool. Every month I will give you my best investment idea, One pick per month is all that's needed since each stock I choose represents the best opportunity in the market. A lot of thought goes into each selection, I don't just pull our monthly recommendations out of a hat. Full Text

Top Stories                
Monetary Policy and the Housing Bubble
WASHINGTON (BuyActive) - Speaking today in Atlanta at the Annual Meeting of the American Economic Association, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke said that it wasn't low interest rates that caused the housing bubble, but stronger regulations would have kept things in check. Following is the full text of his speach. Full Text

Top Stories                          By Dimitri Kanellopoulos, Stock Market Forecast 2010
NEW YORK (BuyActive) - Stock Market Forecast 2010
As 2009 ends and 2010 begins, everybody is working on their Stock Market Forecast. As we say goodbye to 2009, our thoughts turn to what lies ahead for the average investor. Therefore, with a peek into the future, here are my Stock Market predictions for 2010.This could be the biggest financial turnaround year of the decade. Full Text

Top Stories                          By Dimitri Kanellopoulos,
Citigroup shares the opportunity of the decade!.
NEW YORK (BuyActive) - Citigroup shares have already dropped a great deal ahead of the offering. The shares fell 6.33% to $3.70 Monday. This gives investors a great opportunity to buy the stock. Word on the street is that institutional interest in share offering is strong, a big step in the right direction for the company. Of course Citigroup is anxious to pay back the TARP because that would mean a lifting of the "executive pay restrictions" that came along as part of the borrowing conditions. Full Text

Top Stories                          By Dimitri Kanellopoulos,
Citigroup Repayment plan is close.
NEW YORK (BuyActive) - As we said previously, Citigroup must try to come up with the money to start repaying some of the $45 billion it got from the US government as part of the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP). An agreement could come at any time since it is preferable to show some action before the end of the quarterly report. We will all be watching closely to see how much money they can raise and how it will affect the dilution of the shares. Full Text

Top Stories                         
Bernanke speech to Economic Club of Washington
WASHINGTON D.C.(BuyActive) - Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke's speech to the economic club of Washington Monday has everyone closely watching all his comments such as "consumer spending also has been rising since midyear. Part of this increase reflected a temporary surge in auto purchases that resulted from the "cash for clunkers" program, but spending in categories other than motor vehicles has increased as well". "We have begun to see some improvement in economic activity". Full Text

Top Stories                          By Dimitri Kanellopoulos,
Bank of America plans to repay the $45 billion TARP.
CHARLOTTE, N.C. (BuyActive) - In a surprise announcement today, Bank of America became one of the first major banks to plan to repay the TARP funds. Outgoing CEO Kenneth Lewis was always commited to this acomplishment but now it will become a reality. Bank of America plans to repay the 45 billion dollars it got through the bailout program during the financial crisis by the end of this year. Full Text

Top Stories
                          By Dimitri Kanellopoulos,
Markets not based on fundamentals
MONTREAL (BuyActive) - These markets, not being based on fundamentals, are eventually bound to turn negative. Stocks are overvalued and the US economy is likely to fall back into a recession in a few months. Investors can buy pretty much anything today; good strong stocks, poor weak stocks, everything is going up. This is all caused by low interest rates and the US dollar’s weakness. The S&P 500 touched a 13-month high on breaking above the technically important 1100 level. Full Text

Top Stories
Bernanke speech to Economic Club of New York
NEW YORK ( - When I last spoke at the Economic Club of New York a little more than a year ago, the financial crisis had just taken a much more virulent turn. In my remarks at that time, I described the extraordinary actions that policymakers around the globe were taking to address the crisis, and I expressed optimism that we had the tools necessary to stabilize the system. Full Text

Top Stories
ECB's Noyer: price stability should remain main goal
TOKYO (Reuters) - ECB governing council member Christian Noyer said on Monday that he didn't believe monetary policy played a central role in causing the global financial crisis, and that price stability should remain the main objective of central banks. "While I doubt very much that monetary policy played a major role in triggering the crisis.

Top Stories
Obama seeks rebalancing, Asia warns of protectionism
SINGAPORE (Reuters) - U.S. President Barack Obama called on Saturday for a new strategy to rebalance global growth, but leaders around the Pacific rim, gathering for a weekend summit, took aim at signs of U.S. trade protectionism.Obama, who arrived in Singapore late on Saturday for the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit.

Top Stories
Cisco beats forecasts, recovery under way
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Cisco Systems Inc posted a stronger-than-expected profit for its fiscal first quarter and said business was recovering as customers are buying more network equipment again after cutting back for the past year.

Top Stories
Chevron profit hit by oil, refinery weakness
NEW YORK/SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Chevron Corp (CVX.N) posted a 51 percent drop in quarterly profit on Friday, becoming the latest oil major to be hit by the steep decline in oil and natural gas prices and anemic margins at refineries.

Top Stories
Visa earnings rise, stock down
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Visa Inc, the world's largest payment network, posted quarterly earnings that were 23 percent higher than for the same period last year, raised its dividend and authorized a share repurchase plan.

Top Stories
Verizon revenue rises, profit falls
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Verizon Communications said on Monday third quarter revenue rose but its profit declined as costs increased. Profit fell to $2.89 billion, or 41 cents per share, from $3.2 billion, or 59 cents, in the same quarter a year earlier.

Top Stories
McDonald's shares rise on strong profit
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Inc on Thursday posted quarterly profit that handily beat Wall Street estimates and said holiday sales could come in far above expectations, sending its shares up 15 percent to their highest level in nearly a decade.

Top Stories
McDonald's shares rise on strong profit
CHICAGO (Reuters) - McDonald's Corp posted a stronger-than-expected quarterly profit on Thursday, helped by cost controls and rising sales in all regions, and expects same-store sales to remain positive in October.

Top Stories
Yahoo triples profit, beats expectations
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Yahoo Inc's quarterly profit more than tripled as cost cuts and asset sales more than offset a continued decline in sales, sending its shares up 5 percent. Chief Financial Officer Tim Morse told Reuters the Internet company's top advertisers were beginning to spend again.

Top Stories
Apple smashes expectations, shares hit record
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Apple Inc's profits and sales streaked past Wall Street's forecasts as iPhone and Mac sales hit quarterly records, sending its shares rocketing to all-time highs on Monday.

Top Stories
Crisis shows need to right imbalances: Bernanke
SANTA BARBARA, California (Reuters) - The financial crisis has spotlighted the importance of dealing with global imbalances in trade and capital flows, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said on Sunday at a Fed conference on Asia.

Top Stories
Google results beat expectations, shares up
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Google Inc posted its strongest sequential revenue growth in more than a year, outpacing Wall Street expectations as the Internet search advertising business showed signs of recovery. Excluding items, Google's profit per share was $5.89, beating the $5.42 expected by analysts.

Top Stories
Dow passes 10,000 mark on earnings optimism
NEW YORK (Reuters) - The Dow industrials pierced the 10,000 level on Wednesday for the first time in a year on surprisingly robust company results and better-than-expected retail sales. With major indexes up more than 1 percent, the Dow's milestone shows how far the market has come since last year.

Top Stories
Intel quarterly results beat Street, shares rise
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Intel Corp's quarterly outlook and results shattered expectations on Tuesday, boosting its shares 6 percent and fueling optimism over a tech sector recovery before the crucial holiday season.

Top Stories
Cost cuts help J&J profit, but sales disappoint
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Johnson & Johnson reported disappointing third-quarter sales on Tuesday, but beat earnings forecasts thanks to cost-cutting and raised its full-year profit forecast. The diversified healthcare company said net earnings rose 1.1 percent to $3.35 billion, or $1.20 per share.

Top Stories
Obama policies averted economic "abyss": Summers
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Obama administration has helped pull the U.S. economy back from the "abyss" with aggressive efforts to spur growth and stabilize financial markets, a top White House adviser said on Monday.

Top Stories
Obama says Nobel Peace Prize is "call to action"
WASHINGTON/OSLO (Reuters) - Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday in a stunning decision that honored the first-year U.S. president more for promise than achievement and drew both praise and skepticism around the world.

Top Stories
Bernanke sees tighter policies as economy heals
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Federal Reserve must continue to prop up the economy for an extended period but can't do so indefinitely for fear of triggering an inflationary surge, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke warned on Thursday.

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